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Susan Marie Tomalak

May 09, 1955 - Aug 30, 2023

Susan Marie Tomalak (Winter), 68, died Wednesday evening, August 30, 2023 of lung cancer, leaving behind her family who loved her. Her Husband Erv Tomalak, married for 49 years, (in December) has these comments: “I always appreciated how she worked so, so hard to make a happy home for us. She left behind a son Todd Tomalak who she said she had such joy to see him grow into a kind gentle man. She knew Todd had great taste. He picked out a wonderful wife Sarah. Sue liked to call her my daughter, she is really that nice! She cherished the privilege to be a grandma to 2 beautiful grandchildren Isaac and Ella Tomalak. Those two brought a smile every time she thought of them.”

Sad to say she lost her dad, 2 brothers and one sister over the years. She enjoyed growing up in a family of 15 children…in her words… “it was so much fun”. Sue always said it was her mother that gave her the love and appreciation for the Bible. Her mom is now 93 years old. Her mother’s comments growing up helped her read and study the Bible and apply it in her life. Thanks mom.

Although she found satisfaction in being a Medicare advisor for over 39 years helping people achieve healthcare in retirement, the real joy of her life came by teaching people how the Bible can improve their lives. Showing the wisdom and the promises our creator contained in the Bible. Making the Bible real to them. This is what she would like to be known for, a teacher of the Bible helping people.

She was a active member of the Jehovah Witness congregation for over 43 years. At her request no services are planned but please know she cherished the visits of people who visited her, sent her an unreal amount of cards, brought meals and took care of her while she was ill. Now she just wanted to go to sleep and wake up and live in what God promised a hope of living on earth in paradise. Interesting he gave that hope of living on earth to us in the Bible. Revelation 21:3-4

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