Managing Grief

Grief is unique. No one will grieve in exactly the same way. An experience will be influenced by a variety of factors: the relationship with the person who died; the circumstances surrounding the death; emotional support systems and cultural and religious backgrounds.

As a result of these factors, people grieve in their own special ways. Do not compare experiences with that of other people or adopt assumptions about just how long your grief should last. The process of grief takes a long time, so be patient and allow it to proceed at its own pace.

The most compassionate self-action you can do is to create a support system of caring friends and relatives who provide the understanding you need. Find those people who encourage you to be yourself and acknowledge your feelings – both happy and sad. Reaching out to others and accepting support is often difficult, particularly when you hurt so much, but doing so helps.

Grief Shared Is Grief Diminished

Talk of Lifetime:

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This engaging website is a safe and informational resource to provide healing to those experiencing grief and those caring for elderly loved ones. Communicate with others facing similar grief experiences!

Center for Loss and Life Transition

Grief care expert and author Dr. Alan Wolfelt shows you the very important values of funerals.  Reference these helpful suggestions when pre-arranging a funeral, or especially prior to making actual funeral arrangements.  It will give your family things to think about, as you will discuss these considerations when making arrangements for your loved one.

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