We seldom learn in life to say goodbye for the final time. Learning to do so is vital for making necessary, healthy adjustments in our lives. Choosing a suitable method of disposition is one factor that helps us adjust to life without our loved one. Personal, cultural and religious beliefs all play a part in choosing final disposition and should be carefully considered.

The most common choices for families are burial, cremation and entombment. Burial is easily the most popular method in our area. Remember, a funeral (with or without the body present) may be held before cremation. Embalmed bodies are often cremated. If considering cremation, investigate Disposing of Cremated Remains in Wisconsin and Explaining Cremation to a Child.

There are many considerations when deciding between burial and cremation, including what best honors your loved one's wishes for final disposition. Discuss with your funeral director all considerations to make the best decisions for your family, along with additional service prices.

You may be interested in previewing what caskets and urns available for your loved one's remains. Our on-site selection room includes full-size casket and urn options, along with scale-sized burial vault selections. Here are guidelines for what types of burial and cremation containers are available, and general price points, for the range of merchandise we offer.