You will someday die. Someone who cares about you will be faced with what to do with your human remains. While the decisions and choices are many, there are certain things that do NOT change (date of birth, social security number and these types of details). This information is needed at the time of your death in order to carry out specific legal requirements.

Consider how you want to be remembered and how your loved ones will want to remember you. When preplanning, it is important to let your wishes be known, but the ultimate gift of love is allowing your loved ones the freedom to make final decisions with which they, as survivors, can live. Funerals are truly for the living. Help your loved ones properly grieve and subsequently begin the healing process with a preplanned funeral.

How does one preplan a funeral? It is as simple as contacting our office to make an appointment. The appointment can take place wherever you prefer, such as your home or our office. Once this initial meeting takes place, funeral plans may stay as general or get as specific as you choose. Your wishes are made known and will be available upon your death.

Here we provide our Funeral Prearrangement Form. It helps you collect necessary information and gets you thinking about the choices that must be made. Fill it out online, save and email it to us.  Or, contact us and we will gladly mail you a paper form. This is a great starting point for people interested in prearranging funerals. To view, you may need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader (click on the logo below).