Your loved one's final resting place and memorializing their life are crucial for healing. In the words of grief professional Richard Obershaw, “We must take our deceased from world of the living to world of the dead.”

The funeral ritual is exceedingly important for healthy grieving. Help yourself better handle the death: rely on the guidance of a knowledgeable professional who places a family’s needs ahead of their own.


While the cost of a funeral is important to consider, how survivors are cared for after the death is invaluable. Things need be put in place while the wound is fresh for proper and healthy healing to begin.

There is not a dying or deceased person who would NOT want their surviving family members (and themselves!) properly cared for after they are gone…at ANY cost. Funerals are priceless!


Some reasons why funerals are invaluable:

  • Funerals make us too sad. When someone loved dies, we need to be sad. Funerals provide us with a safe place in which to embrace our pain.
  • Funerals are inconvenient. Taking a few hours out of your week to demonstrate your love for the person who died and your support for survivors is not an inconvenience but a privilege.
  • Funerals and cremation are mutually exclusive. A funeral (with or without the body present) may be held prior to cremation. Embalmed bodies are often cremated.
  • Funerals are only for religious people. Not true. Non-religious ceremonies are appropriate and very healing for some. (Source: Batesville Casket Company)
  • 80% of families who choose immediate cremation with NO service, host some kind of memorial event within 30 days after their loved one's death.
  • Tears of grief are physically different than tears of joy. When crying tears of joy or cutting an onion, tears are composed of only a saline solution. Poisons and toxins are removed from the body with tears of grief!
  • Death is tough to explain for those who believe that “this lifetime is all there is.” In our secular society, 89% of Americans say they believe in God.
  • One-third of families will bankrupt themselves in the process of preventing death.  We steadfastly believe in funerals' utmost importance!