The State of Wisconsin has no law regulating the ultimate disposition of cremated remains or requiring that they be placed in a cemetery. However, this does not mean that cremated remains may be scattered or otherwise disposed of upon public domain (any land owned by Federal, State, County or Municipal Governments and include forests, lakes and streams), or upon the private property of another person.

Essentially, then, disposition may be properly done upon one's own private property or within a cemetery or mausoleum. Consideration should be given against placement upon your private property since, in due course, the property will be owned by someone else.

If you do decide to scatter the cremated remains on your private property, we recommend a friend doing so rather than a family member. This is because cremated remains are not always just ashes. There frequently are recognizable bone fragments. Their scattering may be unpleasant and emotional for someone of close relationship.

Retention of cremated remains is permitted in Wisconsin . Should you move to another state with the cremated remains in your possession, you are subject to the laws of that state (which may prohibit such possession). Serious consideration should be given against retaining the cremated remains-when you die, they become the responsibility of your heir.

The recommended method of disposition is placing cremated remains in a perpetual care cemetery, mausoleum niche, or urn garden. The cost is nominal and placement is permanent. It also affords the surviving family members an opportunity to visit, remember, and reflect as the years go by.