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Greg Jones

[Greg] is so very helpful, caring and still available afterwards—like family!
Fritz Family

At age 7, Greg Jones' father died very suddenly at home.  His mother (then 39) was left to care for four children and look after a small business with several employees.  He remembers having a "positive funeral experience" and felt called to this profession ever since.  He attended mortuary school in Milwaukee and served an internship in Rhinelander.


It wasn’t until Greg graduated from mortuary school that his mother reminded him of what he said when leaving the funeral director’s office the day of his father's arrangements.  Greg said, "Someday I'd like to help other little boys when their daddies die like that man helped us." 


Greg came to manage the Soulek Funeral Home in Oconto Falls in August, 1979.  On January 1, 1985, he and his wife Kathy purchased the business and have made a life-long commitment and conviction to care for all families and help them heal following the death of a loved one.